Eczema and the Importance of the Skin Microbiome
with Dr. Peter Lio

Join us for a three part webinar series with eczema expert Dr. Peter Lio as we take a deep dive into emerging research on atopic dermatitis and the importance of the skin microbiome.

Part 1: Understanding the Skin Microbiome

Dr. Lio explains the role the skin microbiome plays in overall health, plus how providers should shift patient treatment plans to promote microbiome health.

Part 2: The Role of S. aureus in Atopic Dermatitis

Dr. Lio dives deep on the connection between S. aureus and inflammatory skin conditions, and what providers who see patients with eczema need to know about the S. aureus colonization-atopic dermatitis cycle.

Part 3: Endolysins and Targeted Biome Bacteriolysis

In part three, Dr. Lio defines Targeted Biome Bacteriolysis and shares why endolysins are the sustainable antibiotic-alternative of the future.

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